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9/29/2018 AMIDA TOUR Video Contest 2018

Thank you everyone for your video submissions. We received a lot of interesting videos and are thankful to everyone who took the time to submit to us.

We would like to announce the winners for the 2018 Amida Tour Video Contest.

We unfortunately did not receive submissions that reached our criteria for a 1st place to 3rd place grand prize, but we would like to give two special awards (cash prize of 5,000 yen each) to some impressive contestants:

We use Chipa Mwenya's video at Top page!!


Chipa Mwenya

33 years old, male

English ( mother tongue ) & Japanese ( second language)


800 USD / hour

4000 USD / hour

I am half Zambian and half Japanese content creator originally from Zambia but currently based in Japan for the past 8 years. As a travel enthusiast a...


Nour Chebbi

31 years old, male

English(Fluent), French (Fluent), Arabic (Fluent), Japanese (Advanced) , Chinese (Intermediate)


600 JPY / hour

3000 JPY / hour

Do you want complete immersion in the Japanese culture? Discovering a deeper history, small little details of the daily life? Do you like good food an...

8/24/2018 アミダツアー登録会・説明会



ザ タワー グランディア 2F



連絡先:高山 090-3439-4157

7/26/2018 ウェブサイトオープン記念イベント開催(池袋)


We held a website opening event in Ikebukuro, marking the start of guide registration through our website. There were ideas about how young guides could help tourists experience Japan from a youth perspective. We would like to thank all those who participated amidst the heat!



We held a recruiting event at Kanda University of International Studies ( About 30 college students attended from different departments and we shared ideas on new tourism in Japan, especially focused on the youth culture.


渋谷駅近くにて、Amida Tourガイド向け説明会を行いました。大勢の方にお越しいただき、盛況となりました。今後ともリクルーティングイベント、意見交換のための勉強会も開催したいと思います。

We held a tour guide registration event near Shibuya station. There were many participants and we shared interesting ideas on new tourism in Tokyo from a different perspective. We will continue to hold similar events for our guides!

勉強会開催予定 Brainstorming Session

ガイドさまと事務局とのブレインストーミングセッション・勉強会を下記の日程で開催いたします。ご参加予定の方は事務局メールアドレス contact@amidatour.comまでご一報いただければ幸いです。新たな観光の形を一緒に考えられたらと思います。

We plan to hold some brainstorming sessions for our guides and the management team to make our services better. Please email us at if you plan to participate so we can be sure you have a seat! We would like to think of interesting ideas for tours.

8/24/2018 18:00-21:00 Amida Tour ガイドさま向け勉強会
9/21/2018 18:00-21:00 Amida Tour ガイドさま向け勉強会