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You can find information about how to use our website. If you have any questions, please contact us at our contact page.



Tours registered on our website can be found here.



This is a unique feature of our website: you can experience our guides' skype video remotely. 30% discount compared to regular tours.



Guides show you around in person. Fees charged by the hour. You can take a look at our guides here.



Remote guides that use skype video and other methods. 30% discount per hour compared to regular tour fees.



Consultation with guides using skype, through phone calls, or face to face. Fees are 1/5 of the regular tour price, charged by the hour.


Enter your information using the language for your tours.

Guides should enter profile information and tour content in the language used in their tours. For example, if guides are living in the U.S. but wish to conduct tours in Chinese, please enter information in Chinese. If you live in France but want to give tours in Japanese, please use Japanese. Please use the language you wish to give tours in. Travelers can then search for guides that speak their language.


Compatible with currencies across the globe.

Our website uses the PayPal payment system. PayPal is a credit card service used by 100 million people around the world. You can use Amida Tour simply by entering your credit card number. Also PayPal is compatible with 174 currencies. (Please see the chart here for reference.) Guides should enter the 3 digit code for their currency of choice in their profile and tour pages. Guides do not have to worry about what currency they use since PayPal will automatically convert to that currency.


Flexible payment system.

Guides decide their tour price themselves. Amida Tour will let guides know about the basic policy for tour fees, but guides decide their own tour price in the end. Beginner guides usually charge about $10 per hour, professional guides charge $20〜$30 per hour, and famour guides may charge over $40. 30% of the fee you set will be paid to Amida Tour for operating costs such as promotion, and 70% will be paid to the guide. Amida Tour also has the option for remote guides and for doing only consultations rather than giving regular tours.

Additions and subtractions from tour price.

The price shown on profiles and tours is the basic price (standard price). The actual fee will change depending on the day of the week, time, and number of travelers. The addition and subtraction chart is as follows:

Time period Additions
10:00~16:00 0%
16:00~22:00 +30%
22:00~10:00 +70%
Day of the week Additions
Monday through Thursday 0%
Friday +30%
Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays +50%
Number of visitors Additions
1 0%
2~3 +30%
4~5 +60%
6~8 +90%
9~10 +120%
10~ Need to discuss
Options Substractions
Remote tours ×0.7
Consultations ×0.2

For example: if $20 is set as the hourly fee and a tour is conducted on Friday from 17:00 to 20:00 for 4 people, the price will be $20 × ( 100%:Basic Price + 30%:Additional fee for day of the week + 30%: addition due to time period + 60%:guest number ) × 3 hours = $132. 30% will be paid to the Amida Tour website for operating costs, and guides will receive 70% of the price or $92.40 in this example. Remote guide services and consultation is offered at a set price regardless of number of guests. If a remote tour is conducted with the same content as the above example, the fee will be $20 × ( 100%:Basic Price + 30%:Additional Fee for day of the week + 30%:Additional fee for time period ) × 3 hours × 0.7:Subtraction due to selected option = $67.2. Amida Tour will pay the guide 70%, or $47.04 in this case.
Such prices and additions/subtractions are only our suggestions and guides can change the price by negotiating with their guests.


Basic Flow


Register as a guide

You can register from our registration page. After clicking on the "Register" tab, you can enter your email address and password, and click on the "Register Guide" button. You can register as a guide just with these steps. Please be careful about registering twice: you will receive an error if you have already registered with us before. You cannot register twice so if you have registered before, please login instead of trying to register again.


Register your guide profile

Once you register your profile, first please enter your basic information below. Fields marked with "*" are in a free text format so please use your language of choice. If your tours are in English, please enter in English. If they are in Chinese, please use Chinese. Arabic, Japanese and many languages can be used. Your video should also be in your chosen language for giving tours.

Field Content
Picture Profile photo. If you edit your photo to be a square, it will be displayed in the best way.
First name*/Last name*/Age/Gender If you would prefer to use a nickname for privacy purposes, it is possible to do so, but please do not use names that may upset visitors.
Hourly Fee/Currency Hourly rates and 3 digit currency codes (available here)For example, the currency code for the U.S. is USD, EUR for euros, CNY for Chinese yuan, JPY for Japanese yen and so forth. Additional charges will be added to this price according to the chart above. 30% will be paid to Amida Tour for operating costs and 70% will be paid to the guide.
Area*/Languages* Areas that tours can be conducted in and languages spoken.
Message for your guests* Self-introduction to visitors.
Favorites Select your interests.

Once you fill out the fields up to here, by clicking the Save button, you can register your basic information. If you want to upload more content that can appeal to travelers, you can upload video content or register your contact information. Also, please enter your PayPal information to make payment form Amida Tour possible. Travelers can contact you based on information you registered on your profile.


Register your tours

If you have a specific tour of your own you would like to register on our website, you can create a tour. Errors may occur if you do not register your schedule or your map location. You need to enter at least one possible date in your schedule, so press the plus button at the upper right corner of the calendar and add your available date for giving your tour. If you enter the location and press the "Pin location" button, the map will be registered. Fields marked with "*" are in a free text format so please use the language you will use in your tours.

Field Content
Title*/Overview*/Time Schedule/Photo/Video/Area*/Nearest station*/Landmark* You can enter information about your tour. Entering the specific tour day schedule is optional. At least one or more photos is required.
Duration Total time taken to complete your tour. Please enter at least one date in your schedule. Press the plus button and press add to register.
Map* This is the meeting place for guides to meet the travelers. If you enter text and press the Pin location button, you can register the location on the map. This is required to register your tour.
Approx Price/Currency/Other Expenses This is the basic price for tours. Additional fees will be added based on the above chart. Please be careful to enter your TOTAL tour fee, not hourly fee. You can enter your 3 digit currency code (You can find the right code at this page. 30% will be paid to Amida Tour as operational costs and 70% will be paid to the guide.
Other Expenses If there are various expenses such as ticket costs, transporation costs or food/drink expenses, please enter them here.
Minimum guest number/Maximum guest number This is the minimum and maximum number of travelers who join the tour.


Receive inquiries from visitors

You will be notified by e-mail when visitor contact you. The request page url will included in the e-mail. Use this page to discuss the price and schedule of the tour with your guest.


Discuss schedule and price with visitors

Use the chat feature in the request page to settle on a price and a date. Once everything is settled, fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Add an extra charge for each hour spent discussing by chat. If one of your tours has been requested, the form will already be filled with the tour's information. Fields are describedhere. If everything is correct, hit the "Send invoice" button.


Send invoice to visitors

An e-mail including the invoice page will be sent after you click the "Send invoice" button.
Note that it is still possible to change the tour's details at this point. Click on the pen icon located at the upper right of the request information table to do so. Be sure to make your changes while talking with your using the chat feature.
You will be notified by e-mail when the payment is confirmed.


Conduct tours and consultations

Please meet your guest where you have both agreed to meet. If your guest doesn't show up, you will be paid the same amount as actually conducting the tour. Don't start the tour until you have received the payment confirmation e-mail! We cannot garantee that you will be paid if you conduct the tour before your guest has actually paid. In case of an emergency, please contact your clients using the guest's email address provided at the time of booking or the chat feature. Make sure to copy (cc) Amida Tour when you send the email.


Payment from Amida Tour

Every month, tour fees for tours conducted until the 25th will be paid on the 10th of the next month. You will receive 70% of the total tour price on PayPal or your bank account. 30% will be paid to Amida Tour for operating costs such as promotion.


Reviews for visitors

After tour is finished, your guest will be sent an e-mail asking him/her to rate you.
You will receive an e-mail including a link to make a blog about your tour.
Upload some photos and write an article about it. Blogs can be made private (i.e. they will no be listed on our website) but they are public by default. Public blogs will be listed here.
Blogs are a good way to promote your tours.

How to use the message board


Check out postings

Boards are listed here. By clicking on one of them, you can check the visitor's profile and the details of his/her request. Use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with them.


Suggest ideas and provide consultation to travelers

Use the request page included in the e-mail you received to discuss the details of the request with you guest. Complete the form as described here.


Basic Flow


Find tours and guides

Available tours and guides are listed respectively here and here. You can search for a particular guide, tour, area, languages or interests using the search box at the upper right of each pages. You can check the details of a tour or a guide by clicking on it.


Contact guides

Use the form at the bottom of the page to contact the guide.
Please enter your e-mail address, your name and a brief summary of your request. You can select the request type from three different options: "Guide", "Remote Guide" and "Consulting". Check the "FIVE TOUR OPTIONS" at the top of this page for more information about these options.
An e-mail will be sent to you and your guide once you submit the form.

A visitor account (completely free) is necessary to access the request page included in the e-mail. If you haven't registered as a visitor yet, an account will be automatically created for you. In this case, an e-mail and a temporary password will be included in the e-mail too.
Use your credentials to access the request page and discuss the price and schedule of the tour with your guide.


Discuss tour schedule and price with guides

Use the chat feature in the request page to settle on a price and a date. Extra fee may be charged by the guide in case the discussion exceed a certain amount of time.
You will receive a e-mail to proceed with the payment once everything is settled.


Make payment

Click on the link included in the e-mail to access the payment page. You can still have your guide change some details at this point.
Confirm the details of your tour and click the PayPal button to proceed.


Tours and/or consultation sessions take place

Meet with your guide at the place you settled together.
You can cancel at any time using the cancel button in the request page. However, note that there will be no refund for cancellations made 6 days or less before the reserved tour date. Full refund to guests if cancellation is made 7 days or more prior to the reserved tour date.
Make sure to proceed with payment before going to the tour. We can't guarantee that the tour will be conducted if you haven't paid yet.
In case your guide doesn't show up or in case of emergency, please try to contact him using his e-mail address or the chat feature. Make sure to copy (cc) Amida Tour when you send the email.


Review for guides

You will receive a review link by e-mail a short time after the end of the tour. Access this page to rate your guide and leave a comment about him/her. Review will be listed on the tour's details page.

How to use the message board


Create a message board

You need a visitor account to use the board feature. If you haven't got an account yet, you can register here for free.
Once you're done, go to this page to create a board.
Write your request in 1000 characters or less and click on the submit button to publish it.
Your board will be listed on this page.
You can edit or delete existing boards at will from here.


Proposals and answers from guides

You will be notified by e-mail when a guide contact you. Use the link included in the e-mail to access the request page and get in touch with your guide about your request.
The next steps are the same as described here.